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18 New Self-Help Women Empowerment Groups

ADWAN helped formation of the groups during lockdown in Kailali District (11), Chitwan (5) and Gulmi District (2). ADWAN conducted skill training, literacy training and gender-based violence training. We will reach UN's Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) when we empower marginalized women and children at the grassroots level. ADWAN’s women’s groups provide women with innate leadership skills and a platform to develop and initiate change that benefits the entire community.

Since COVID-19 domestic and sexual violence cases continue to increase; but with ADWAN’s new training classes to prevent and combat gender-based violence, the participants in the women groups in Chitwan and Kailali have transformed themselves from being victims into proactive leaders. By spearheading development and improvements in their communities they have enhanced their status and increased their decision-making power. The women act with confidence, speak up at public meetings, and now take collective action - women changing the social climate of their communities.

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