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ADWAN Timeline 1998-2023: FACTSHEET

Timeline and ADWAN Facts

1998: ADWAN established

* ADWAN Women's Groups

-Total Women's groups: 169 (currently active)

-Total Members: 4,000+

-Districts covered: Gorkha, Kailali, Chitwan, Rupandehi, Palpa, Baglung, Gulmi and Tanahu.

-Since 1998, ADWAN's funding has, so far, benefited more than 50 thousands Dalit and marginalized women and their families in Nepal while fostering more than 400 groups, 8 Districts (27 VDCs) and more than 35 schools.

* Women Empowerment

-Advocacy & Awareness

-Gender Awareness & Human Rights Advocacy Trainings

-Micro Credit & Cooperative

-Livelihood and Entrepreneurship Development Trainings

-Skill Development and Vocational Trainings

-Women Health, Hygiene and Reproductive Health Trainings

* Girls & Children

-Student Sponsorship Program

-Ambitious Girls Fund

-Sponsor A Child

-Blue Shirt Program

-Dollars for Change

* Ongoing Projects

-2022-2024: USAID Local Works: Gorkha and Chitwan - KOSHIS: Promotion of Women-led Economic Opportunity Project.

-2018-2022: Livelihood and Entrepreneurship Project jointly funded by The Karuna Trust UK and Friends of ADWAN Nepal (FAN) covering 38 women's groups in Chitwan, Nepal.

-2018-2021: South Asian Young Women Leadership & Mentorship Project. ADWAN partnered with CREA (India) and Global Fund for Women in Baglung and Chitwan Districts.

-2011: Started Women's Cooperative Bank Project by six ADWAN women's groups. The Chandi Women Saving & Credit cooperative bank currently has 195 women members with the running capital of Nepali rupees Rs. 5.4 millions.

-2022: Started The Day Care Center in Chitwan with the support of The Girls Foundation USA for girls (6-13 years) from the Dalit and the most disadvantaged groups who are in real deprivations in basic needs.

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